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I used to think someone would love me

for places I have been

and the dirt I have been gathering

deep beneath my nails

but now I know what I’ve been missing

and I’m going home to make it mine

and I’ll be battening the hatches and pulling in the sails

I’m not entirely sure what the dognapping laws are in Thailand, but I was sorely tempted to take this adorable yappy pup with me to Malaysia.

It isn’t easy being an natural introvert on Koh Phangan. It being the overcrowded party capital of Thailand makes it pretty much impossible to get any time and space to yourself.

And its pretty exhausting to fake a good mood on a hangover

After 3 days of non stop debauchery, even the most aggressively friendly extroverts are going to need some time away from the great press of humanity.

With that in mind, good god I’m looking forward to treating myself to a private room in Kuala Lumpur.

After approximately 24 hours trapped in transit to said room anyway…

This is the worst part about traveling on the cheap in South East Asia, you end up losing time to satisfy the budget.

The Full Moon Party - Thailand Koh Phangan


Fires spinning at the Full Moon Party

it’s funny how one little realization bout a place can completely change your perception of it.

Hua Hin is a lovely town, geared more towards local Thai and family holiday-making than the usual western backpacker crowd normally associated with the country.

My traveling partners and I stayed in a small beachfront guesthouse in the shadow of the monolithic Hilton Hotel. A stones throw from any manner of bars, coffee shops and restaurants, Hua Hin hasn’t quite succumbed to the rampant development that engulfed many other Thai tourist spots. It’s a good example of enough variety and home comfort, being welcoming to foreigners without shamelessly pandering to them.

Yet something feels a little bit off just below the surface, difficult to spot if your not looking for it. I had my eyes forced open to it when my roommate posted on twitter that we were having a great time in Hua Hin and his friend replied that “Hua Hin is full of creepy old white dudes looking for fresh Thai girls, what are you doing there?” And just like that I couldn’t stop noticing it.

Every cafe and eatery seemed to be occupied by at least one large white gentleman accompanied by a pretty Thai girl looking young enough to be his daughter, or in several cases, granddaughter.

It became even more clear when I walked down the towns main Bar street late at night, where each bar front was packed with loud and aggressively ‘friendly’ women trying to entice us in. Settling on a bar relatively free of the grinning harpies I asked the bartender in as basic terms as possible what the deal was. He confirmed that the girls outside were a mixture of promoters, call girls or those looking for a western husband.

And with that, I became completely unable to enjoy the place, in the back of my mind I felt staying here would be somehow endorsing something disgusting.

I suppose I just find it disappointing when a country lives up to one of its most appalling stereotypes.


If I had been born two hundred years ago

I would have been a sailor, and sailing I would go

I’d sail around the capes and across the seven seas and then back home

If I had been born two hundred years ago

— Frank Turner - Sailors Boots