If I had been born two hundred years ago

I would have been a sailor, and sailing I would go

I’d sail around the capes and across the seven seas and then back home

If I had been born two hundred years ago

— Frank Turner - Sailors Boots

I`m led in my bed in the beach resort town of His Hin unable to force myself back to sleep, which I suppose is as good a time as any to jump start this blog.

Our stay in Bangkok proved a lot more draining than I expected, the city itself was much more disappointing than I remember it. I suppose that stems from my initial estimation of it being coloured by Bangkok being the first city I`d ever traveled to solo. It’s grime and rough edges softened by the giddiness of being thousands of miles from home with the world ahead of me.

This time though I couldn’t wait to be out of the city. The street peddlers, these I making culture and the oppressive heat of the place made my little traveling group`s first experience of Thailand a difficult one.

This was not helped by the way being in a group seemed to confirm what I’d expected four years ago on my first round the world trip, that I am a solo traveller at heart.

That’s no bad thing, and I certainly don’t hate being with a group so far, but I find myself wondering what I could have done and how much faster I could have achieved it without the necessity of compromise dictating my choices.

No matter. I`m sure I’ll feel much more optimistic about everything in the morning. This town His Hin seems nice, the sea breeze a welcome change from car smog at the very least. Tomorrow I look forward to exploring the place properly, and getting back to the root of what travelling is really about.

"Kill the boy, and let the man be born."
— Maester Aemon